Event Activities

Please select one activity from List A and one activity from List B. Once you have finished designing/drawing the activities, simply take a photo and send the photos of completed activities to pjrookes@gmail.com. That means you will be attaching two photos or video to the email. The subject for the email should be "Faiths for Fun Competition".

Once we receive your email, your child will be entitled for Certificate of Participation and if your child's submission tops the Prize winners category, then your child will also receive a Prize in addition to the Certificate of Participation. For Scouts/Guides, that counts towards Scouts/Guides Faith badge and two activities towards More in Common Badge.

Deadline for sending both activities is Sunday, 9th May 2021

List A

  1. Make Baha'i Base Activity - Sun Art with Quote "'So powerful is the light of Unity, that it can illuminate the whole earth."

  2. Make Hindu Base Activity - Om Art

  3. Make Muslim Base Activity - Moon Bunting

  4. Make Christian Base Activity - Stained Glass Effect Art or Boiled Egg Art

  5. Make Sikh Base Activity - Draw Chardi Kala principles on Five Finger Art

  6. Make Jewish Base Activity - Mount Sinai Model with your own 10 commandments.

  7. Make Footsteps Activity - Plant seeds attractive to Bee into Pots

List B

Design a Multi-Faith Flag

Draw A Place of Worship

Make your own Faith Artefact (2d or 3d model)

Design a Get Well Soon Card

Write a Poem on Faith or Interfaith

Design your own Faith Flag

Make Earth Day Art or Craft

Submit Your Own Idea Activity