Event Itinerary


Welcome by Dr Peter Rookes


Baha'i Base

Materials Required:

Art activity based on the quote 'So powerful is the light of Unity, that it can illuminate the whole earth. The materials needed will be paper, coloring pens/pencils, scissors and glue.


Hindu Base

Materials Required:

Any colours (felt tips/colour pencils/crayons/water colours- (blue/white, yellow, Orange.) & water colour paper..). Participants are free to use any of the above for the activity.


Muslim Base

Designing a Moon

Materials Required:

2 sheets of A4 paper, Coloured pens/ decorations for moons, Scissors (may need adult help - to cut the moons out), String (not essential), Pencil (to poke a hole through the moons)


They will need to draw moons on half of an A4 sheet of paper and end up with 3-4 moons. They will need to poke a hole through the top of each moon. Then, they can then decorate each one and once finished use the moons to make bunting (i.e. all held together with the string).


Christian Base

Making a stained glass window.

They will take the Sheet of paper and cut an egg shape or a cross from the centre and then glue pieces of tissue paper or coloured paper over the centre to give a stained window effect

Materials Required:

A sheet of thin card/ back or cereal box (paper can be used if you don't have this)

Selection of tissue paper/coloured paper, Glue & Scissor.


10 Mins Break

Materials Required:

Legs - to stretch out & have a walk

Snacks & something to drink.


Sikh Base

Resilience, writing about something positive and Finger meditation

Materials Required:

A4 piece of paper and colour pencils/feltips or crayons


Jewish Base

Ten Commandments, and encourage the participant to devise their own “Top Ten” for a better world. And then we’ll be making a 3D model of Mount Sinai.

Materials Required:

2 x A4 sheet of white card or paper; scissors; glue; coloured pens/pencils/crayons



Importance of Bees


Closing Statement

Closing Statement re submissions, certificates and prizes by Dr Peter Rookes